Tihana Miracle Cream

An Intense moisture luxury cream made with a high concentration of premium high-quality ingredients.


• Unique formula creates a barrier to keep moisture locked in
•  Suitable for hands, body, scalp, face and delicate areas
• Low water concentration high in nutrients and essential fatty acids
• Reduces redness and cracked, flaky dry skin, relieves itching
• Rejuvenates, renews, revives skin and evens out skin tone
• Safe for children

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Customer Reviews
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    I’m SO happy to have found a cream that checks all the boxes! It absorbs very well with immediate hydration of dry skin, smells amazing, is all natural, and is made locally!!! I highly recommend this cream for daily use. I only use natural products and I am so excited to have found a good cream that really absorbs and works. I use it everyday.

    Jacqui C.
    Miracle Cream

    I use this cream on my hands my face and on my body . Since Covid my skin has been a disaster from all the hand sanitizers and extra washing . I couldn’t make it through without this cream . It does what it claims . Extreme moisturizing, gets rid of my flaky dry patches and my itch is completely gone so Is the redness! I love that I don’t need a lot , a little goes a long way . Will definitely buy more .

    I love this cream!!!

    This cream is luxurious. It's so rich and moisturizing. I especially love that it's natural. I don't have to worry about what's in it and whether it's causing problems internally. And bonus - it's not greasy! I'll definitely buy again.

    Dibora B.
    Highly recommended

    The first thing I LOVED about this cream before even using it was the scent!! The moment I opened the lid it gave me this calming, spa like vibe. Thats cuz its organic and raw, which is so hard to find these days. I like to use this right after i tone my face as my base moisturizer I have acne prone skin so a product can either make or break my face i have to say this gives me a different type of glow because I'm home now I don't as much SPF as I should so I just soak my whole skin with it and watch it do its thing. love love love!

    Definitely will purchase

    I wanted to wait for a month or so in other to write my true experience with the product. I received a little jar/container (Red Cap Holistic) with a small sample of the cream in or around 3rd April and have been using the cream every day religiously for 30 days. As someone who suffers from migraines, the scent of the cream is not too intense and I found it to be very moisturizing. On another note, I do run outdoors even though my skin is somewhat sensitive to the rays of the sun (if its a sunny day from 10dg celcius and above I begin to itch and get heat bumps all over my arms or any skin that is exposed to the sun even with tons of sunblock on) - One day after a run and after showering, I decided to put a little of the cream on my heat bumps and for reasons unknown, the itching ceased after a few minutes and the redness from the heat bumps slowly went away. Therefore, on the days that I go for a run, and after showering, I rub a pea size amount on the areas that are inflamed from the sun. Everyone's skin is different, and individual results varies however I would definitely recommend this cream to at least be tried once. Thanks again.