Video Testimonial (Psoriasis)

Miracle Cream formerly known as (Psirona-Derm)

Before starting cream:
One month after using cream


Before and After Photos


Bill, Toronto ON, Canada

                 Before                                            1 month After 


Lisa Oakville ON, Canada

                      Before                                              2 weeks after 

Customer Reviews

 Jay,Aurora ON Canada

The Miracle Cream does indeed give relief.  It has a light almost mousse-like texture with an amazing smell of essential oils.  It feels wonderful and definitely helped with dermatitis on my hands. 

Linda,  Newmarket ON, Canada

I received a little tub of your cream from my uncle. I have been using it for about two weeks now and I have no idea what you put in it but it is AMAZING! I have seen a vast improvement in my psoriasis since starting your product.  It came at a really good time as I had a huge breakout. 

Melissa,Newmarket ON, Canada

I love the cream!  I actually have it sitting right beside me.  I take it with me everywhere. It DEFINITELY is helping! If I use it 3 times a day my elbows look great, not 100% gone but I’d say at least a 65% improvement maybe 75%. The best part is that the medical cream I used to use thins the skin, so anytime I’d bump my elbow or do planks my elbows would bleed and now that doesn’t happen nearly as often. But I have to use it 3 x day.  If I miss an application or a whole day my elbow starts to look bad. I LOVE that it is natural.  I love the feel and smell of it. I would totally buy this product. With the medical creams, doctors and pharmacists give warnings against the sun (because it thins the skin).  Knowing that is NOT a problem with this cream puts my mind at ease too – bonus! And I feel safe using it on my young kids when they have dry patches on their faces (not that that is what it’s supposed to be used for, but it’s my go-to for everything skin related these days). PLEASE figure out a scalp ointment.  

Marie,Toronto ON

I love this cream! I basically gave up on buying medicated products from drug stores and prescriptions from doctors a long time ago because nothing really helped my psoriasis.  I am also undergoing chemo on top of the psoriasis issue and my skin and hands are consistently dry and even more so since I’ve been on chemo and other prescriptions. My hands have taken a beating.  Within a few days on the cream, my fingers and hands felt moisturized for the first time in a long time. The redness on my palms cleared up in about 3 days and so did the dry fingers and did the tops of my hands.  I have psoriasis on my feet as well and within about one week my feet were 90% better! I can’t live without this cream, I use it on my hands and feet every day.

I had a fall and busted my knee up pretty bad. My knee was not healing and within two weeks my knee looked like it was getting infected. I went to a doctor and he prescribed antibiotics. I hated the thought of having to take them as I am on enough med’s already so I decided to try the cream on my knee as I read that the essential oils in the cream have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties so I thought why not try it. I applied it about 3 to 5 times a day and I noticed the redness started to disappear and it appeared to be healing so I continued. Within 2 weeks my knee was completely healed without having to take the antibiotic. I was so happy!

I would definitely recommend this cream to anyone who has psoriasis or eczema or  severe dry skin. It feels great and it really does work! 

Casey, Toronto ON (Founder & CEO) Hauler Ads

This cream has been the very best solution I've found for my Psoriasis. If used regularly it will clear up my breakouts within a few days. I'd 100% suggest trying it. 

Christian, Toronto Canada 

This cream works on my eczema. Here are the effects I have noticed. Moisturizing; very good if not excellent.  Skin regeneration, very good.  And sensibility is very good. The new skin is more robust, no pain and the itch is very low. Maybe indeed a little hypersensitive due to the skin being new. 

Susan, Guelph ON

We really love this cream! My husband suffers from pretty bad psoriasis. He has large plaques on his scalp and elbows that gets worse during the winter. I have eczema at times on my eyelids and my hands easily get red and raw in the winter. I am really reluctant to use cortisone cream so i am thrilled to have discovered Miracle Cream.  It is rich and goes on so smoothly.  I love that it is made with so many natural oils but its not at all greasy. The natural fragrance is also very appealing. It has helped both of us so much! 

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